Saturday, October 22

The Power of "Risktakes"!

Hi friends, today I'm posting an already written post, Business and Strategic themed, from Mr. Vineet Nayar, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, HCL Technologies. Last year on 18th August, 2010, he wrote down his thoughts under the publication title, "Harvard Business School Publication". While surfing company's internal intra-net blog site, I came across to this content, with the title, The Power of "Risktakes". It just impressed me with its simple and decent explanation. And i think you might also enjoy this stuff. So, to avail you this fruitful content, I'm publishing it on my blog with few modification to help gain the content to all kind of readers, with the original title of the actual post.

The actual post starts from here:

A mistake is as an error in action or calculation caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, or insufficient knowledge. Risk is the exposure to the chance of injury or loss, the chance that the actual return might be different than the one expected. Thus, a 'risktake' is an error — but not one caused by carelessness or insufficient knowledge. Its possibility has been foreseen, calculated, and accepted.

A simple test will help you differentiate a risktake from a mistake. Ask yourself: Did I account for the possibility of failure before it happened — or did the mistake catch me by surprise? We are not promoting carelessness, but genuine, well-intended mistakes, as Dawna pointed out.

Every new company and new product launch, every new service and new discovery has the potential of being a risktake. In fact, every strategic decision has the potential of proving to be just that. We usually take them with the joy experimentation brings, enhanced by the courage to fail and stand up again. Doing everything "perfectly" breeds stagnation and laziness, argued Brett.

Vineet Nayar further shares, I am all for taking risks as long as the process is supported by conviction, persistence, and discipline, and it is based on knowledge. During the year 2008's worldwide recession, the decision by HCL to acquire Axon — the biggest overseas acquisition by an Indian IT company — had the potential of becoming a risktake. There were many critics of the deal, but so far, the takeover hasn't given them the occasion to say: I told you so. Would I do it again? Sure, as long as the possibility of short-term losses is less than the potential of long-term gains.

Lemuel Morrison shared a potential best practice with company: Maintain a mea culpa list and update it regularly with new risktakes along with what, if anything, was learned.

Understandably, executives fear the unknown and crave the security of the comfort zone even though that's a prescription for predictable and controlled performance. Moreover, today's environmental volatility won't allow the comfort zone to stay comfortable for long. That's why he suggests that we should create discomfort with the present situation. Then draw the path, which will be littered with risktakes, to where we would like to be in the future. Keep your sights focused far ahead and stay undeterred.

Mark Twain once wrote, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. "

Are you ready to sail away on the winds of your risktakes?

The modified post ends here.

I hope you have also enjoyed the post, and in-fact gained the fact how business person thinks, and makes any thing good for his business, even negativity also!

Have a happy blogging and happy Diwali! :)

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Thursday, October 6


Today, when I was at my office, working on an Apple machine, suddenly found  the website stating, Steve Jobs 1955-2011. I rushed to yahoo and checked the news, and there was a post that Steve Jobs passed away and that too about half an hour ago, to that time. And it turned out to be an unfortunate morning, as the legend come to an end. There is no more to add to this post than to sharing a video of, The late STEVE JOBS.


One thing is sure, I am going to miss the great revolutionary human and an astute businessman, Mr. Steven Paul Jobs.

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Monday, September 5

On this teachers' day, I'm sharing few incidents cum memorable events of my life as a student!

We will not go after philosophy. Rather I'll be sharing few incidents cum memorable events of my life as a student (No doubt we remain students till end of our life!).

At any time when I feel uncomfortable, disappointed, or rather say when I stuck into situations, which I wanted to avoid, I seat alone with open sky, close my eyes to remember my childhood and the amazing period as/of a teenager. I'm sure you must also be acting like me, for this case. We always want our childhood back. If provided few fortunes, we would definitely be using a one fortune to achieve that amazing era of one's life. We were innocent at that time, busy receiving love from all most every where, allow lips to smile any time, get anything in-terms of gifts, fun all the time, brain acts very curious trying to grasp any things happening around us, and so much activities we miss. Simply, we were behaving nothing but like a SUPER KING/SUPER QUEEN. And we all know why? Because we were free from obeying any responsibility. Our parents were always there to tell us whats good and whats not. But the other person was constantly there to teach us, "HOW WILL YOU IDENTIFY WHATS GOOD AND WHATS NOT!!". Our teachers have this only small but one of the most valuable contribution to our life.

So, with this title, I'd like to share some experience of my life as a student. Starting from latest event to the most memorable one, very lightly.

Starting with the current life, my boss is my manager and also my teacher. He is teaching me the lessons of corporate world and making me aware of some awkward situation, they call it critical and also focusing on few ways of how to survive in this conditions. Also engaged in teaching me from his work-pattern, how should I work in a team and eventually become a successful leader. However in this case, my dad is also playing the most valuable part, as he is also in this world of corporate since last more than 20 years. Even his small experiences have always something great for me. So, up for this valuable inputs which will help me survive in this world of competition and and prove my self to be the best one, within this selfish crowd.

Now comes college life. Before stating this area, I'd like to pray to god that my HOD must not face this post. College is area which begins by stating understanding the world, the different personalities/characteristics and which ends with the deep sadness of missing friends. But between this two emotional situations, there is the scope of outstanding fun and enjoyment. Every department has a HOD whose behaviour can't be separated from the two well-known behaviors. First is 'VIRUS' of 3 Idiots and other is role played by Mr. Amol in 'Stantely ka Dabba'. That was similar to my case, also. Sala pure din chair pe betha rehta tha aur hum sab bhole-bhale bacho se mazduri karva ta tha. Mere 4 years ke experience main HARAM HAI ki woh apni chair se kabhi khada hua ho, chahe jo bhi ho jaye. Aur jab baat aati hai lectures lene ki, toh sala kaamchor hame se uske research paper bana ne de de, aur uske baad har baar ka uska statement - "SUBMIT IT BY 5 O'CLOCK"!! Sala research level ka kaam 4 baje de aur 5 baje submit karo - aur woh bhi well-formatted document! Aur agar use aapka kaam aacha nahin laga to Internal exams main A BIG  ZERO. Tumhe exmas me road pe la de aur saab kuch yaad rakhe. Aur uske examples toh bhai-saheb, kya batoon.. Zamin pe bethe bethe  NEPTUNE ki baat kare aur apna sada hua logic lagaye. Yeh sare din kese nikale hai woh toh bas hum hi jane. Hamne uunko award diya tha, "KACHRA"!! Baki department vale use "IT ka PAPPA" kehte the. Aapni harkato se aaj bhi yaad hai, aur yaad bhi rahega - "KACHRA". Yeh KACHRA to VIRUS se bhi harami aur chalak tha. "SALE NE 4 SAAL TAK ROZ, KHOL KHOL KE MARI HAI". Aur upper se usne ek baar toh muje, " GET OUT, YOU IDIOT" KEH KE PURE CLASS KE SAMNE CLASS SE BAHAR NIKAL DIYA, PATA HAI WOH BHI KYON - MAINE USE KAHA KI "SIR AAP KO PROGRAM SAMAJ NE MAIN GALTI HUI HAI, ACTUALLY..." - bas itna bola tab tak to usne MERI MARLI. Chalo aab hasna bandh karo. However he was my teacher. And he did one but a good thing for me, which transferred incident into memorable event. During my second year of engineering, I suffered from depression due to some personal account. He noticed my abnormal behavior. He called me up to his cabinet and then he asked me the whole problem. He encountered the silly reason behind it and tried to explain me the actual world of reality. It took more than 2 hours of time. He ignored all his important work and injected all of his efforts to make me understand same, till bottom of my heart and mind. And guess what he succeeded. His explanation and examples are still - till date running on my mind. I can't forget those extraordinary effort of a teacher for a college student, whose nature is to abuse professor for even a good work. A salute to this kind of professor.

And now comes my school-days. This period contains 'FIRST' of all thing, i.e. first class, first slap, first fight, first kick, first friend, first feeling, first love at first sight, first flirt, first breakup, first laugh, first cry, first stage show, first cricket and handball tournament, first number at study and extra co-curricular activity. and this first continues till life. And here are so many stories to mention, but only one would be more preferable here. Its a very short story. I was in 4th grade/school, and "Mrs. Parita" - Paritamam was my class teacher. She was with us for the whole year, and in this one year of span she have changed me and many other students from ZERO to HERO. She taught us so many things that one can not count with his fingers. But among them all, I'm following one thing till day and will always follow. She gifted us a shlok in Sanskrit, "Karagre vastu lakhsmi, karmule saraswati, karmadhye tu govind, prabhate kar darshanam||". And she asked us to make this sholk, the very first thing after we wake-up. And I'm on it till date and will always follow this pure thing. This have helped me motivate my self and come out from any ugly situation. And this will be with me till the end.

And this was few things I wanted to share with you all, on this occasion of THE TEACHER'S DAY! I wish you all "HAVE A GOOD AND BE A GOOD TEACHER/GUIDE/FRIEND, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!"
Have a Happy Blogging. :)

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Friday, September 2

Let's join our arms with Green and Fight against Global warming and High Energy Consumption facing India!

We are not starting with a small history of this world, we are currently in. I'm not here to have a talk on Dinosaurs and the culture of our higher hierarchy, but rather have a point on ENERGY, its CONSUMPTION and its AFFECTION. And this post will help me targeting the massive issue of Global Warming and we'll discuss some points that can help us in fighting against it, effectively.

I'm currently living at Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Area), U.P., India, an area which is famous for its development and some of the branded Industries' workstations/factory. And also the two terms - 'development' and 'India' are, now-a-days, quite combined and tied well by Indians. All of the existing vehicle brands and production brands of world have a neat eye on India and for them India is the issue of Increasing their Revenues and best territory to plant their company's future. And we also aware of the reason; cheaper but hardworking workforce, easy access to land, below average paperwork and yes, off-course the highly corrupted Indian Ministry and Government, and so much that attracts the CEO or the Chairman to lookout for India and Invest in this land of the Lord and God-Goddesses.

Now, lets take a look on how one organizations' establishment affects the country, time being lets consider the case of India.

Lets take the scenario, Any XYZ organization is interested in investing money in India and looking forward to setup a factory of Vehicle production. Now, lets discuss how this might affect the lifestyle of Indians in terms of pros and cons. First we'll go with pros:

  1. India might receive good amount in return; that's also in US dollars. This might support Indian economy, gradually a-bit;
  2. Better Job opportunities to all class of Indian citizen;
  3. The cost of vehicles may reduce as production will be in India, compared to being imported ones; and few more...
And now lets consider the dark side of this pros :
  1. The Land value will definitely decrease, as it is ignoring the value of valuable Land;
  2. The Natural resources will get infected, and here the rivers will be harmed, the most;
  3. The factory will also produce pollution; And fact is also here, 'more car - more pollution';
  4. The Farmers' land will be utilized here, means slight shortage of food; And the same land can't utilized for any other purpose in future;
  5. More fuel/electricity will be consumed and eventually it will reflect in the increasing cost of fuel/electricity;
  6. Its the investment of a foreigner, so definitely he will become more wealthier than to our country; And his plantation will affect the businessman of India;
  7. The ministry will be awarded officially and unofficially; And many more...

This is the point.

Here, if we try ignore all of the issues, than also, personally, we all do not like to ignore the issue of 'Natural Resources getting Harmed!'. Not against the development, but this issue is the major cause of all coming future major issues.

This issue can't be resolved individually and only a huge team - group - community can mark it. Rather depending on each other, individual initiative will work, efficiently. I am not saying that regardless of your work, you should focus as an Environmental Initiator - But whenever you feel something is against the Nature, and can harm you, your country and your world, you just try to accomplish the portion of your contribution. This will motivate the other person and eventually the huge community/group will rise up, just by accomplishing your task faithfully!

I would not like to discuss all the areas where we should fight against Green House Effect. I'm trying to show you the area-of-improvement, you can also consider it from your day-to-day experiences. But argues you to mark your contribution at your own ease - at your own will. And at last - at least you should take care of one thing - 'your work should not increase the infection to the Globe!'

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Sunday, August 28

The blog have been visited a 1,000 times - increases confidence by one lakh times

It was a regular Wednesday and dated May 25th, when the first official post by me named "Introduction to Chromebook!" was released at my blogspot blog (hwevr due 2 som conflict-errors, the post is no longer available). And, on the day before yesterday (on 25th August) I was notified by Google service that, "the blog crossed the limit of 1,000 hits/visits from all around the world" and it further added, "in just exactly 4 months of period, 25th May to 25th August!!".

When received the following statistics, I felt, WOW!!

Screenshot 1 - Page-view stats, in-brief

AND Specifically countrywide, U.S. is more interested than India, for my Blog.,

Screenshot 2 - Page-view stats, source oriented

Don't worry I'm not here to give the political speech nor trying to make passive show-off.





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Sunday, August 21

Where are the 59 passengers?!?

I've recently visited the Gujarat's Representative city, the Ahmedabad and the Capital, Gandhinagar. My visit had no values, but became very valuable after visiting it and also discussing few issues with one of my friend. The Myths of Gujarat riots were injecting the value to the visit.

The title highlights the role of Media, still behaving a strong anti-BJP or in-fact anti-Narendra Modi committee. Surprisingly,  every news telecasting channel and most of the News-paper publishing companies, including the Gujarat famous Gujarat-Samachar and The Times Of India, were and are still in this category. I'm not getting paid by any organization in publishing this post but NO ONE CAN PUSH ME OUT OF THE CHANNEL OF TRUTH AND RESTRICT ME FORWARDING THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD. I know probably you might ask me the statement to believe me. And thus I've arranged this post in a way to give all of your answers, indeed. Just go through the whole chat and have a point in against/for the post, raise it by commenting on this post.

The Nanavati Commission report
First part of the Nanavati Commission report investigating into the Godhra train carnage was tabled in the Gujarat Assembly on the first day of it’s monsoon session. In 2002, 59 Hindus including women and children were attacked by stones and cruelly burnt alive in Sabarmati Express compartment while train was passing through the Muslim locality in Godhra.
The Nanavati report says the incident of burning S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express on February 27, 2002, was a pre-planned conspiracy and not an accident. It also says that Maulvi(Muslim cleric) Hussain Umarji planned the entire conspiracy.
The report says that 140 liters of petrol was purchased as the part of conspiracy to burn the bogey. Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Kurkur and Salim Panwala had purchased petrol on the night of February 26 to be used in burning the bogey of Sabarmati Express.
The conspiracy was hatched at Aman guest house and meant to spread terror in the area. Doors of S-6 and S-7 bogey were forcibly opened and a person called Hassan Lalu threw objects which were burning inside the bogey, according to the report.
Others named in the conspiracy are Shaukat Lalu, Imran Sheri, Rafique Batuk, Salim Zarda, Jabir Binyamin Behra, Sheraj Bala.
The first part of the report in it’s last paragraph says that there was no evidence of the role of CM(Narendra Modi), any Gujarat minister or police in this case. The report adds that there was no evidence of them having not been able to provide protection, relief or rehabilitation to any riot victim.
As the report was being tabled in Gujarat assembly, Congress tried to raise ‘point of order’ but speaker disallowed. Congress legislators staged a walkout in the Assembly and shouted slogans outside the floor.
Meanwhile, spokesperson of Gujarat government and also the Health Minister of the state Jai Narayan Vyas said,
The report has clearly gone into details, analyzed all the evidences and has come to the conclusion that there was no failure of machinery as far as maintenance of law and order is concerned.

But the media was engaged in making the innocent citizens against the current state govt. in-charge. All the news from any medium was,

Only Muslims were rendered homeless and suffered economically. And Mr. Modi is the reason.

This isn't the truth. The Fact: As early as 5 March 2002, out of the 98 relief/ refugee camps set up in the state, 85 were for the Muslims and 13 were for the Hindus. As on 17 March 2002, as per the report of a newspaper as anti-BJP as The Times of India, 10,000 Hindus were rendered homeless in Ahmedabad alone. As on 25 April 2002, out of the 1 lakh 40 thousand refugees, some 1 lakh were Muslims and 40 thousand were Hindus.

The Indian Express devoted two full reports exclusively to Hindu victims of Ahmedabad. Dalits were attacked by Muslims in Ahmedabad and were rendered homeless. The Indian Express dated 7th May 2002 and 10th May 2002 gave two reports on the plight of Hindu victims. These Hindus were not only rendered homeless-they did not even have refugee camps to live in-and hence had to live in temples. Many others were forced to sleep on the streets.
The Times of India dated 18 March 2002 also devoted a report exclusively to the Hindu victims of Ahmedabad. The report was titled-”Riots hit all classes, people of all faith” and says-”Contrary to popular belief that only Muslims have been affected in the recent riots, more than 10,000 people belonging to the Hindu community have also become homeless”. This was the case only in Ahmedabad. What happened to Hindus in Muslim dominated villages outside Ahmedabad and in other cities like Vadodara was not reported by The Times of India! This report also indicates that Muslims attacked Hindus unprovoked on February 28 itself in some areas of Ahmedabad. The Hindus who living in minority in Muslim dominated areas of Ahmedabad suffered horribly. The Dalits suffered heavily at the hands of Muslims.
The Hindus also suffered economically. As per the reports of none other than The Times of India, as many as 50 Hindus shops were torched in Revdi Bazaar area of Ahmedabad on 23 March 2002 by Muslims. The financial loss was as much as 15 crore rupees. Many more Hindu shops were looted in the rest of Gujarat too. 
To read the report of The Times of India on the burning of 50 shops in Ahmedabad- see this link-

But still, whenever the news regarding the Gujarat Riots popes-up, they all become the 'Hindu against'. And we say, the media is the brilliant part of the movement of revolution in India. You think, you say, do you agree to this? No! They(the media) join hands which makes them more wealthier, they are making us forget these 59 passengers and forcing us to remember the two names, 'The Ehsan Jaferi case' and 'The Best Bakery case'!!

Don't forget to put a comment on this post and encourage discussion on this and clear the issues.

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Tuesday, August 16

Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction!

We live in a world where we meet many kind of personal characteristics, or rather say personalities. This statement and the title are very attached to some of my personal experience(s). I am not trying to touch any one's personal life but like to discuss few of this points, with you and eventually with this whole world.

Stated title, "Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction!", is conveying the message on its own. Which we all experience in our daily life but most of the times we simply ignore it or rather say discard it, completely. But we don't know exactly what pushes us towards this kind of misleading steps, and that is also against our own's benefits? Have you ever thought of it. Well I did it once!

Considering my case, I belong to a remote place which can be considered as outskirt area of the nation and 'current' Indian culture is not being followed here, and people will be needing a great amount of time for adopting the current model of Indian culture. At here, they are very much bounded to their traditional life-style and are very used to of it. This kind of behavior encourages them to oppose the adoption of new things/ideas and great way of living and actually enjoying the benefits of new life-style. But rather we focus on not crossing the boundaries, defined by our own thinking, which is quite a few times very harmful. In our entire life, MANY PEOPLE HAVE AND WILL JOIN YOU TO GUIDE FOR YOUR BETTER LIFE, BUT ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING TO THEM!! This is the only problem I've seen inside me and have experienced it from within the society.

We all want change in the system, change in your life-style, change in everything, and many of us were actually impressed with this quote, "Change is everything!". But never tried and thought to implement it or at-least to give it a try. But we all love blaming the System, God, Parents, Children etc... And we have always hated the person who puts a statement of necessary changes, in our self. Than whats the point in Leaving LIFE? 

[We should think on above mentioned tags and should hit them seriously and instantly should be resolved, in order to improve the life a-bit!]

The world is not designed to meet only ours' aspects and liking. But it was designed for the whole mankind. Some thing for you, and something for others', and many thing for all of us, as well. And we all are supposed to share these resources available to us of/in any kind. It might be possible that we might be needing the access to something and at the same time some one else needs, too. So here we follow our common habit to deny that other living kind or grant full access to it/them and restrict our self. WHAT'S THIS?? NOTHING BUT A FOOLISH MOVE!! You are knowing that its urgent and important for both of you, than why? I mean what's the necessity of taking kind of decisions. Here, Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction! for you and for others, as well.

Now, on other hand if some one offers you something but there is something else is running on your mind and that contradicts with the offer. Than in this case we also follow our same ethics in fact myths. Here I suggest for same thing,  Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction!

So, with this few examples I've tried to show some mistakes we were following, unknowingly. But rather than just interface it, we must try to overcome our self from it for a better life. It's for our benefits, only!!

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Monday, August 15

65 years of Freedom - Happy Indian Independence Day.

Here's Wishing everyone a very Happy Indian Independence Day. 15th August, 1947 was the day India got her Independence from the British. And here we are 65 years hence, making good progress on the long winding road to success.

Well success has different interpretations. For me India breaking out of the shackles and becoming a free economy is success, that we are the fastest growing economies in the World is success, that we have become an important factor in the IT revolution is success, that some of the richest people are Indians is success, that we have had the most beautiful women in the Miss World and Universe competitions is success, that we are moving towards an unmanned mission to the moon is success. We all support ANNA HAZARE to support our-self is also a great work towards the next big achievement. I could keep going on and on and yet there would still be many more things we need to do.
For instance the economic success of a few has created a wide disparity between the middle class and lower class. There is a growing need for clean water, afforestation, newer medicines and vaccines, breakthroughs in Science, good education, upliftment of the poor, and cutting the red tape and bureaucracy which is still prevalent in India. I think these issues almost always take a back seat and we need to keep them in mind.
But for today let us first bask in the glory of the nation that we love dearly-India. India, the cradle of civilization and culture.
The sounds of Vande Mataram are the sounds we want to listen to today. Look at the following article where both the Bengali and Hindi(Devnagari) versions are given:
1. Wikipedia

Sunday, July 3

Changing the Mood!!

Hi friends, I am glad that many of you liked my blog and provided response in form of great comments. And feeling great as blog was visited more than 650 times till yesterday, globally. Besides of this facts, I felt something is going wrong.
I found much of my post are roaming around the latest news rather than to my own ideas; as its supposed to be. In fact its more like a technical knowledge/review center kind of thing. And so on by all this mistakes, my slogan and its status are being obsolete. And I am not happy with that.
Considering the above mentioned facts and reasons I would like to change the current ongoing track and rather return to its means. So, by this post I'm declaring that, from now on the blog will centered around my own ideas which will satisfy my policy as in slogan, 'colorful, creative, innovative and enthusiastic' and won't point to any specific track.
And my pages on poem and bio will get ready by tomorrow, that will also take you around something more entertaining and meaningful.
Thanking you. Happy blogging; happy time period.

Note: You can also suggest me some topics or rather join me for any specific task by just dropping a mail on my mailbox: or message me on Facebook:

Sunday, June 26

Apple copied its iOS 5.0 update from the list of Android features

It's a Sunday and I'm totally free. So, I was chasing few tech news to its latest. And found, all news on tech at Google news was attached with a word, 'iOS 5.0'. As like its a tradition, news on Apple and its devices are more interesting to any one, it forced me too, to review it. And a list of features pop-up.

It was mentioning that over 200 new features are added to this latest version of iOS to its predecessor. But that list was little surprising as it was comprising features like notification center, tab browsing, gaming community, instant access to camera, advanced alarm and calendar activity, clou d music, etc. And that disappointed my reaction on this new technology. As all this advanced features are available from the very first public release of Android; version 1.6. And those were not the part of iOS till its latest publicly released versions. With this version its now there, included. Till the current version the notifications were available as just a red button, and now they copied the concept of single center dedicated to notifications, by tapping the upper status bar only. The feature of fast access to camera is available from the day the camera introduced in Android devices. The release cycle is also following the Android's market strategy. And the GUI of some applications also changed according to the Android UI. And they say it the powerful OS till date; I mean WTF, 'the powerful OS till date'!!

The survey says the iPad uses internet and battery, the most than other smart OSes. Even the set of Google's extraordinary services are not available; I mean what's the role of an smart devices if this outstanding features by Google are not there. The Android comprises all of them, even the latest feature helps us searching by just capturing the image of it, and also  the power of embedded gmail and docs. And to me, in near future the Apple mobile devices will be converted in to the costly Android alike devices, offering same features at different platform; as they have done with this version of iOS 5.0.

However, the above posted material was based on my analysis and point of view. But you can post your view as by commenting on this post!!


Saturday, June 25

Why we need 'Smartphone'!!?

The topics, currently booming around the world are having one thing common and that is the term 'Smartphone'. Everyone, starting from a 10 years old child to the old-age person, are willing to talk on this. But my point is that what's the need of this; I mean <b>is really there a need for one to even think to go for buying this kind of sophisticated devices?

Firstly there was Apple's iPhone, only then the devices by BlackBerry and HTC, which are known as the business phone. And Nokia for simple communications. But now-a-days each company, irrespective of their size are interested in making their own space in the market of Smartphones. The arrival of Android and its business strategies are the major reason of this booming trend. Considering only Indian mobile phone manufactures like Micromax and Spice have made this Android based smartphone as cheaper as the Nokia's dominating mobile phones having simple mobile functionality with camera and music player features. Thus there is a huge rush after this(smartphone).
But my question is also laying here as, "WHY SMARTPHONE? WHAT'S THE NEED OF IT?". Before buying a smartphone, bought just a week ago, I had this query and its still running on my mind. But I found some reason from my own experience on using my Android based phone. So, with this post I'll try to present some of the thoughts running on my mind.

As we all make use of internet for carrying out any work and Google's contribution in making that happen. Now-A-days each of us can't think of a moment without accessing any of the Google's service or product. We are engaged with either Google's search, gmail, docs, blogspot, dictionary or with any other service; but the point is it have attached to our daily life and accepted as an important part of our lifestyle. All products and its features have so much for an individual to deal with; irrespective of their age group. But one thing is raising a point here is that all this services are internet based, and we need a computer device(mostly, Windows based) for getting connected with internet. And we all know the price range of this beautiful devices; I mean those are quite costly. Here I think Google are on a way to prove theirself as a powerful organization, again. And have joined the race to become a technology major in web as well as in advance devices and want to fight with existing majors like Apple, Nokia and Microsoft. But the point is, up to what extent we need this kind of devices for regular, day-to-day activities?

My answer would be more on a positive side but I'm also against it with some underlying reasons. As we all know this 21st century is era known of powerful information technology and its affection to every life. And to make survival easier: we all can experience it everywhere. And according to me this smartphone can act as an easiest gateway for becoming more powerful in this new world. We can have an instance of all services provided by Google or any other provider. At a touch of our finger we can access all of them, even in a smartest way. The communication, for the business purpose or personal, have become greatest. We can use our smartphone at shop for getting others review on it and understanding the pros-cons of that thing, before buying it. Prior to  shopping we can arrange list of items or add an alarm for future buys. Although of this much of tasks with the help of powerful processor we can listen to music/fm and even can stay connected with friends in the social medium. Or like me, create posts for your blog and later on can add it to your Wordpress or blogspot or even to your tumblr. We can also stay updated to the news without a need to subscribe to it. Use email or create/delete important business documents or you can write your book or read any soft books/ebooks. In all this smartphone concept acts as a micro laptop. And provides same functionality, reliability and mobility comparing to any latest personal computer devices available in the market. And all this available cheaper than a regular Windows based laptop. I'd like to make a point that as Google's Android or Apple's MAC, both are based on Unix/Linux and this makes them most secure than any Microsoft's windows OS based devices. That's all, I think all you expect from an device can be fulfilled by this extraordinary mobile devices.

As two sides of any coin the above mentioned features have something that makes against it. We must provide an internet connection to use this smart devices up to its potential. But an internet service is a very gaunt service in its nature that it comprises all that stuff which are inappropriate for the child. Also the loss of privacy is the major concern with this kind of active devices. However the chances of violation of copyright or patent is much higher as everyone does share their status as a update. However the above mentioned cons can be avoided but one can't be which is the major concern. This is the higher level of 'RADIOACTIVITY', as most of the times we stay connected with the internet.

However I've not designed this post to restrict you from buying the devices you like. But this post focuses more on facts, what I've analyzed and experienced. I also have a smartphone which have all those parameters I've discussed. Many of the mobile device manufacture have focused on this disadvantages and eventually have designed their devices free from many cons and some are on their way. I insist you to buy the devices as per your linking and access it and feel powered with this devices but before buying please have an opinion or read review on this parameters and then go for biting. Yes, smartphone are the smartest than our traditional high-end computer devices and are very mobile even. Go ahead and have a fun.

Friday, June 10

define: VAIO

Since, the purchase of  my VAIO CR Notebook during the summer of 2008, the plot behind the well-known name 'VAIO' was merging with other curiosities at my mind. I surfed the web but that didn't work that time. But after keep-on searching from 2008, I finally succeeded here, now. One wiki-page is the helper. So, with this post I'm pasting a portion of the actual information available till date.

Why we call it "VAIO"?

VAIO is a sub-brand used for many of Sony's computer products. Originally an acronym of Video Audio Integrated Operation, this was amended to Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer in 2008 to celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary. The branding was created by Timothy Hanley to distinguish items that integrate consumer audio and video with conventional computing products, which functioned as a regular computer and a miniature entertainment center.

The Beautiful and Impressive VAIO Logo has a Creative Intense:

The VAIO logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the 'VA' representing an analog wave and the 'IO' representing a digital binary code.

Although Sony made computers in the 1980s exclusively for the Japanese market, the company withdrew from the computer business around the turn of the decade.

Curtsey: Wikipedia®

Friday, June 3

INDIA v/s US for my Blog

It's been now more than a month, since the creation of my Blog and the day I've started posting. But after few week I found that the visitors are not just local but are from the globe. The visitors are not just Indian only, but are from other foreign countries also, like US, Germany, Philippines, UK etc. And after reviewing the available statistics of countries' visits, one thing was very notable that there is a battle between the visitors of two countries. This battle is between INDIA and US, and today the # of participation are same. As the following image is presenting: 

I am very pleased that my efforts are being appreciated Globally as till today almost 27% of users are Returning users (users who have visited my blog once and are interested for visiting again) comparing to 73% of New Users (who are till date just tried my blog for once). Today 154 Page-views are already achieved and also 8:11 minutes is the avg. time on site with 4.12 page-visits from each viewer. According to Google's Analytic software the bounce rate is record-braking  45.95%. As the following image of Analytic is showing:

 I hope that my blog is being liked as it is currently and also help me feel proud for this thing. Any kind of suggestions are always welcome. Thank You and have a happy blogging and surfing.

NOTE: The post and its content are tested during the creation of the post and by that time it was 100% accurate. The results may very with time. The Google and all of its products are registered with their own policy. The ab.lotecha's Blog have nothing to do with the Google and its Logo or Name of it-self and its products. The post is not intense to leak privacy of copyright and trademark policy. This is just a sharing of ideas/updates.

Thursday, June 2

from now, My blog will be decorated with beautiful web fonts.

As you have visited I've kept my blog as simple as possible and designed it for best view in any resolution with ease of read it properly. But there I think there must be some thing in the blog that represents the blog uniquely and makes a mark on visitor. So, I choosed and prepared the FONTS marking for this representation. And according to that move I've now the subscribed to the Typekit application of for my Blogger as well as Tumblr account. So, now enjoy the best available fonts from my blog and also enjoy the sharing of thoughts online.
Currently I'm using two fonts, 1) Daniel Edo

© Copyright 2011 Typekit, Inc.

Hurray!! Google searches my blog with #1 position.

We daily use Google (page rank) and always it helps us in accomplishing our task with the minimum period of time and with efficient results. But isn't that amazing that Google itself searches you (or your work) with the #1 item in the searched result's list. Yes! Its true with my Blog. Check out the following image.

If you want to test it follow this instructions: 
    1) Open Google search by typing ''
    2) Now, type 'introduction to chromebook' in the search bar.
    3) Press Enter from your keyboard or press search button.
    4) The link will be there at the #1 position and just click on it.
    5) Now, you are ready to review the introduction to chromebook.

NOTE: The post and its content are tested during the creation of the post and by that time it was 100% accurate. The results may very with time. The Google and all of its products are registered with their own policy. The ab.lotecha's Blog have nothing to do with the Google and its Logo or Name of it-self and its products. The post is not intense to leak privacy of copyright and trademark policy. This is just a sharing of ideas/updates.

Thursday, May 26



Few days back, when it was raining on a pleasant Wednesday, I was at my working location with my whole team of six members. We all were busy with our daily schedule. Suddenly, a critical issue regarding data work-flow on one cluster on MAC OS X Server, located at Europe, popped-up. And its was demanding an urgent meeting as to design a new data work-flow for the existing legacy system, considering the client - "Guardian News and Media, Ltd" (' request.

At meeting room, my manager cum track leader - one from our six-member's team, have conducted meeting. And after a huge discussion, of about more than three and a half hour, and brainstorming meeting, we all reached to a common conclusion, agreed to that new resolution and resulted new policies. And decided that, new policies needs to be implemented between 1500 hrs to that coming Friday and 1400 hrs of Saturday, as approved by the client, seating in UK, after negotiating for a long period. Considering granted time period, we all have further discussed the order of implementation(which was even a more brainstorming event, totally!!) and also prepared a document on it, for additional reference. Eventually on that Friday and Saturday, it was mine along with my other four teammates' week-off. And only one guy was supposed to attend that entire session,  referring to the full-fledged documentation prepared in-advance. So that, there could not be any scope for any kinda mistake by any one. Now the team member was just supposed to follow and progress on that issued document. But here he did a wrong move.

Like mine, it was also his first job and first project. So he was very eager to impress his higher hierarchical manager, with his work, in-fact with his "Efficient and Effective work, IN NO TIME!And this forced him to opt for a shortcut rather than the required favorable path. On that Friday, according to him, the policies would get implemented by within next six hours of time, lesser by seventeen hours - to the originally granted time period. And guess what! the desired final result was in front of him, but here he was unaware about one step, he missed to perform, completely. That step was serving as a middle-ware (layer) between recently initiated services and old legacy hardware. This step was so important that it might affect the big portion of the system from its stable state to the always hated, unstable state. And the worst case could make the problem/incident invisible from our end, but the client will continue facing it.

And this worst thing happened a few days back, after the 10th day from the day it was actually implemented.

As a result, we  received an email stating: "HCL_India - ISD, LDCS - UNIX Team - A, for MAC OS X Servers, have breached the SLA duration to resolve the incident of 3200 British Pounds (£), In addition to this, a new set of problems have found raised and occurred because of some mistakes by LDCS-UNIX Team - A, which have also affected the SLA and found breached costing additional 4,500 British Pounds (£)." So in-all, HCL had have to pay 3200+4500 British Pounds (£) = 7700 British Pounds (£) to GNM. that is roughly equal to 5,80, 000 INR, which is quite a big amount for a single mistake of skipping small step.

And the whole team got affected and caught suffered by this impatient work of one teammate, as this project is just 1 month old at HCL-India, than stayed 9 years at the HCL-Europe.

This mistake of my teammate, made me learn something, hardly and strongly. I think the above story narrated by me, might also have helped you gaining something, the result of being Impatient.

At the end I'd like to share a few lines currently running on my mind, with you: "At least, think for few more moments before making any move, giant or tiny. Because you don't have any Idea HOW ITS GOING TO AFFECT ANY OTHER PERSONS LIFE. IT MIGHT NOT BE THAT MUCH VISIBLE TO YOUR LIFESTYLE; BUT IT MAY MAKE OTHERS LIFE INVISIBLE!!"

So, "Before making any decision please think of any issues that might be depending on your decision. At least have confirmation from your partner before proceeding and pushing them inside any circles. THINK twice or thrice as your decision affects every other human being, also with yourself!!"

Thank you and Have a happy day!

This is the post contains company names, as an example.
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Sunday, May 1

One more flexible blog from me.

Hey Friends... as you all are knowing that with this blog-id, I'll be associated with in all 3 different Blogs. In which first is my Tumblr, where another is my WordPress and now at the Blogspot, also.

Thus, from today I'll start posting my posts, views and ideas at all this three different locations.

You can browse in to my Blogspot for Normal views
Or can browse my wordpress for Light Bandwidth version.
Or can switch in to my tumblr as viewing high Bandwidth version