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Where are the 59 passengers?!?

I've recently visited the Gujarat's Representative city, the Ahmedabad and the Capital, Gandhinagar. My visit had no values, but became very valuable after visiting it and also discussing few issues with one of my friend. The Myths of Gujarat riots were injecting the value to the visit.

The title highlights the role of Media, still behaving a strong anti-BJP or in-fact anti-Narendra Modi committee. Surprisingly,  every news telecasting channel and most of the News-paper publishing companies, including the Gujarat famous Gujarat-Samachar and The Times Of India, were and are still in this category. I'm not getting paid by any organization in publishing this post but NO ONE CAN PUSH ME OUT OF THE CHANNEL OF TRUTH AND RESTRICT ME FORWARDING THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD. I know probably you might ask me the statement to believe me. And thus I've arranged this post in a way to give all of your answers, indeed. Just go through the whole chat and have a point in against/for the post, raise it by commenting on this post.

The Nanavati Commission report
First part of the Nanavati Commission report investigating into the Godhra train carnage was tabled in the Gujarat Assembly on the first day of it’s monsoon session. In 2002, 59 Hindus including women and children were attacked by stones and cruelly burnt alive in Sabarmati Express compartment while train was passing through the Muslim locality in Godhra.
The Nanavati report says the incident of burning S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express on February 27, 2002, was a pre-planned conspiracy and not an accident. It also says that Maulvi(Muslim cleric) Hussain Umarji planned the entire conspiracy.
The report says that 140 liters of petrol was purchased as the part of conspiracy to burn the bogey. Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Kurkur and Salim Panwala had purchased petrol on the night of February 26 to be used in burning the bogey of Sabarmati Express.
The conspiracy was hatched at Aman guest house and meant to spread terror in the area. Doors of S-6 and S-7 bogey were forcibly opened and a person called Hassan Lalu threw objects which were burning inside the bogey, according to the report.
Others named in the conspiracy are Shaukat Lalu, Imran Sheri, Rafique Batuk, Salim Zarda, Jabir Binyamin Behra, Sheraj Bala.
The first part of the report in it’s last paragraph says that there was no evidence of the role of CM(Narendra Modi), any Gujarat minister or police in this case. The report adds that there was no evidence of them having not been able to provide protection, relief or rehabilitation to any riot victim.
As the report was being tabled in Gujarat assembly, Congress tried to raise ‘point of order’ but speaker disallowed. Congress legislators staged a walkout in the Assembly and shouted slogans outside the floor.
Meanwhile, spokesperson of Gujarat government and also the Health Minister of the state Jai Narayan Vyas said,
The report has clearly gone into details, analyzed all the evidences and has come to the conclusion that there was no failure of machinery as far as maintenance of law and order is concerned.

But the media was engaged in making the innocent citizens against the current state govt. in-charge. All the news from any medium was,

Only Muslims were rendered homeless and suffered economically. And Mr. Modi is the reason.

This isn't the truth. The Fact: As early as 5 March 2002, out of the 98 relief/ refugee camps set up in the state, 85 were for the Muslims and 13 were for the Hindus. As on 17 March 2002, as per the report of a newspaper as anti-BJP as The Times of India, 10,000 Hindus were rendered homeless in Ahmedabad alone. As on 25 April 2002, out of the 1 lakh 40 thousand refugees, some 1 lakh were Muslims and 40 thousand were Hindus.

The Indian Express devoted two full reports exclusively to Hindu victims of Ahmedabad. Dalits were attacked by Muslims in Ahmedabad and were rendered homeless. The Indian Express dated 7th May 2002 and 10th May 2002 gave two reports on the plight of Hindu victims. These Hindus were not only rendered homeless-they did not even have refugee camps to live in-and hence had to live in temples. Many others were forced to sleep on the streets.
The Times of India dated 18 March 2002 also devoted a report exclusively to the Hindu victims of Ahmedabad. The report was titled-”Riots hit all classes, people of all faith” and says-”Contrary to popular belief that only Muslims have been affected in the recent riots, more than 10,000 people belonging to the Hindu community have also become homeless”. This was the case only in Ahmedabad. What happened to Hindus in Muslim dominated villages outside Ahmedabad and in other cities like Vadodara was not reported by The Times of India! This report also indicates that Muslims attacked Hindus unprovoked on February 28 itself in some areas of Ahmedabad. The Hindus who living in minority in Muslim dominated areas of Ahmedabad suffered horribly. The Dalits suffered heavily at the hands of Muslims.
The Hindus also suffered economically. As per the reports of none other than The Times of India, as many as 50 Hindus shops were torched in Revdi Bazaar area of Ahmedabad on 23 March 2002 by Muslims. The financial loss was as much as 15 crore rupees. Many more Hindu shops were looted in the rest of Gujarat too. 
To read the report of The Times of India on the burning of 50 shops in Ahmedabad- see this link-

But still, whenever the news regarding the Gujarat Riots popes-up, they all become the 'Hindu against'. And we say, the media is the brilliant part of the movement of revolution in India. You think, you say, do you agree to this? No! They(the media) join hands which makes them more wealthier, they are making us forget these 59 passengers and forcing us to remember the two names, 'The Ehsan Jaferi case' and 'The Best Bakery case'!!

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    Even today, i find totally negative news against narendra modi and no newspaper is showing the growth and development gujarat has attained in his time period...what i personally feel is that media is no more reliable and they are forgetting their responsibiliter toward society...