Sunday, July 3

Changing the Mood!!

Hi friends, I am glad that many of you liked my blog and provided response in form of great comments. And feeling great as blog was visited more than 650 times till yesterday, globally. Besides of this facts, I felt something is going wrong.
I found much of my post are roaming around the latest news rather than to my own ideas; as its supposed to be. In fact its more like a technical knowledge/review center kind of thing. And so on by all this mistakes, my slogan and its status are being obsolete. And I am not happy with that.
Considering the above mentioned facts and reasons I would like to change the current ongoing track and rather return to its means. So, by this post I'm declaring that, from now on the blog will centered around my own ideas which will satisfy my policy as in slogan, 'colorful, creative, innovative and enthusiastic' and won't point to any specific track.
And my pages on poem and bio will get ready by tomorrow, that will also take you around something more entertaining and meaningful.
Thanking you. Happy blogging; happy time period.

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