Wednesday, December 11

Narendra Modi Biography: From Tea seller to CM of Gujarat

Have a look at this Lion's life. The Narendra Damodardas Modi..

Saturday, November 16

TCS Garima Park Walk Thru

Have a look at TCS Green Campus, Garima Campus in Gujarat which was inaugurated today by NaMo. I bet you will be amazed!!

Thursday, October 10

Join India272 family and build Golden Future of India.

Just watch it once for our #nation.. and believe me there will be a#smile on your face to the end with #NaMo !! 


Friday, July 6

My First Article on HCL's Newsletter/Magazine

Hi Guys,

I am uploading a PDF file of my first article on HCL's magazine. Follow this link and download to read it.


Saturday, October 22

The Power of "Risktakes"!

Hi friends, today I'm posting an already written post, Business and Strategic themed, from Mr. Vineet Nayar, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, HCL Technologies. Last year on 18th August, 2010, he wrote down his thoughts under the publication title, "Harvard Business School Publication". While surfing company's internal intra-net blog site, I came across to this content, with the title, The Power of "Risktakes". It just impressed me with its simple and decent explanation. And i think you might also enjoy this stuff. So, to avail you this fruitful content, I'm publishing it on my blog with few modification to help gain the content to all kind of readers, with the original title of the actual post.

The actual post starts from here:

A mistake is as an error in action or calculation caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, or insufficient knowledge. Risk is the exposure to the chance of injury or loss, the chance that the actual return might be different than the one expected. Thus, a 'risktake' is an error — but not one caused by carelessness or insufficient knowledge. Its possibility has been foreseen, calculated, and accepted.

A simple test will help you differentiate a risktake from a mistake. Ask yourself: Did I account for the possibility of failure before it happened — or did the mistake catch me by surprise? We are not promoting carelessness, but genuine, well-intended mistakes, as Dawna pointed out.

Every new company and new product launch, every new service and new discovery has the potential of being a risktake. In fact, every strategic decision has the potential of proving to be just that. We usually take them with the joy experimentation brings, enhanced by the courage to fail and stand up again. Doing everything "perfectly" breeds stagnation and laziness, argued Brett.

Vineet Nayar further shares, I am all for taking risks as long as the process is supported by conviction, persistence, and discipline, and it is based on knowledge. During the year 2008's worldwide recession, the decision by HCL to acquire Axon — the biggest overseas acquisition by an Indian IT company — had the potential of becoming a risktake. There were many critics of the deal, but so far, the takeover hasn't given them the occasion to say: I told you so. Would I do it again? Sure, as long as the possibility of short-term losses is less than the potential of long-term gains.

Lemuel Morrison shared a potential best practice with company: Maintain a mea culpa list and update it regularly with new risktakes along with what, if anything, was learned.

Understandably, executives fear the unknown and crave the security of the comfort zone even though that's a prescription for predictable and controlled performance. Moreover, today's environmental volatility won't allow the comfort zone to stay comfortable for long. That's why he suggests that we should create discomfort with the present situation. Then draw the path, which will be littered with risktakes, to where we would like to be in the future. Keep your sights focused far ahead and stay undeterred.

Mark Twain once wrote, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. "

Are you ready to sail away on the winds of your risktakes?

The modified post ends here.

I hope you have also enjoyed the post, and in-fact gained the fact how business person thinks, and makes any thing good for his business, even negativity also!

Have a happy blogging and happy Diwali! :)

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Thursday, October 6


Today, when I was at my office, working on an Apple machine, suddenly found  the website stating, Steve Jobs 1955-2011. I rushed to yahoo and checked the news, and there was a post that Steve Jobs passed away and that too about half an hour ago, to that time. And it turned out to be an unfortunate morning, as the legend come to an end. There is no more to add to this post than to sharing a video of, The late STEVE JOBS.


One thing is sure, I am going to miss the great revolutionary human and an astute businessman, Mr. Steven Paul Jobs.

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Monday, September 5

On this teachers' day, I'm sharing few incidents cum memorable events of my life as a student!

We will not go after philosophy. Rather I'll be sharing few incidents cum memorable events of my life as a student (No doubt we remain students till end of our life!).

At any time when I feel uncomfortable, disappointed, or rather say when I stuck into situations, which I wanted to avoid, I seat alone with open sky, close my eyes to remember my childhood and the amazing period as/of a teenager. I'm sure you must also be acting like me, for this case. We always want our childhood back. If provided few fortunes, we would definitely be using a one fortune to achieve that amazing era of one's life. We were innocent at that time, busy receiving love from all most every where, allow lips to smile any time, get anything in-terms of gifts, fun all the time, brain acts very curious trying to grasp any things happening around us, and so much activities we miss. Simply, we were behaving nothing but like a SUPER KING/SUPER QUEEN. And we all know why? Because we were free from obeying any responsibility. Our parents were always there to tell us whats good and whats not. But the other person was constantly there to teach us, "HOW WILL YOU IDENTIFY WHATS GOOD AND WHATS NOT!!". Our teachers have this only small but one of the most valuable contribution to our life.

So, with this title, I'd like to share some experience of my life as a student. Starting from latest event to the most memorable one, very lightly.

Starting with the current life, my boss is my manager and also my teacher. He is teaching me the lessons of corporate world and making me aware of some awkward situation, they call it critical and also focusing on few ways of how to survive in this conditions. Also engaged in teaching me from his work-pattern, how should I work in a team and eventually become a successful leader. However in this case, my dad is also playing the most valuable part, as he is also in this world of corporate since last more than 20 years. Even his small experiences have always something great for me. So, up for this valuable inputs which will help me survive in this world of competition and and prove my self to be the best one, within this selfish crowd.

Now comes college life. Before stating this area, I'd like to pray to god that my HOD must not face this post. College is area which begins by stating understanding the world, the different personalities/characteristics and which ends with the deep sadness of missing friends. But between this two emotional situations, there is the scope of outstanding fun and enjoyment. Every department has a HOD whose behaviour can't be separated from the two well-known behaviors. First is 'VIRUS' of 3 Idiots and other is role played by Mr. Amol in 'Stantely ka Dabba'. That was similar to my case, also. Sala pure din chair pe betha rehta tha aur hum sab bhole-bhale bacho se mazduri karva ta tha. Mere 4 years ke experience main HARAM HAI ki woh apni chair se kabhi khada hua ho, chahe jo bhi ho jaye. Aur jab baat aati hai lectures lene ki, toh sala kaamchor hame se uske research paper bana ne de de, aur uske baad har baar ka uska statement - "SUBMIT IT BY 5 O'CLOCK"!! Sala research level ka kaam 4 baje de aur 5 baje submit karo - aur woh bhi well-formatted document! Aur agar use aapka kaam aacha nahin laga to Internal exams main A BIG  ZERO. Tumhe exmas me road pe la de aur saab kuch yaad rakhe. Aur uske examples toh bhai-saheb, kya batoon.. Zamin pe bethe bethe  NEPTUNE ki baat kare aur apna sada hua logic lagaye. Yeh sare din kese nikale hai woh toh bas hum hi jane. Hamne uunko award diya tha, "KACHRA"!! Baki department vale use "IT ka PAPPA" kehte the. Aapni harkato se aaj bhi yaad hai, aur yaad bhi rahega - "KACHRA". Yeh KACHRA to VIRUS se bhi harami aur chalak tha. "SALE NE 4 SAAL TAK ROZ, KHOL KHOL KE MARI HAI". Aur upper se usne ek baar toh muje, " GET OUT, YOU IDIOT" KEH KE PURE CLASS KE SAMNE CLASS SE BAHAR NIKAL DIYA, PATA HAI WOH BHI KYON - MAINE USE KAHA KI "SIR AAP KO PROGRAM SAMAJ NE MAIN GALTI HUI HAI, ACTUALLY..." - bas itna bola tab tak to usne MERI MARLI. Chalo aab hasna bandh karo. However he was my teacher. And he did one but a good thing for me, which transferred incident into memorable event. During my second year of engineering, I suffered from depression due to some personal account. He noticed my abnormal behavior. He called me up to his cabinet and then he asked me the whole problem. He encountered the silly reason behind it and tried to explain me the actual world of reality. It took more than 2 hours of time. He ignored all his important work and injected all of his efforts to make me understand same, till bottom of my heart and mind. And guess what he succeeded. His explanation and examples are still - till date running on my mind. I can't forget those extraordinary effort of a teacher for a college student, whose nature is to abuse professor for even a good work. A salute to this kind of professor.

And now comes my school-days. This period contains 'FIRST' of all thing, i.e. first class, first slap, first fight, first kick, first friend, first feeling, first love at first sight, first flirt, first breakup, first laugh, first cry, first stage show, first cricket and handball tournament, first number at study and extra co-curricular activity. and this first continues till life. And here are so many stories to mention, but only one would be more preferable here. Its a very short story. I was in 4th grade/school, and "Mrs. Parita" - Paritamam was my class teacher. She was with us for the whole year, and in this one year of span she have changed me and many other students from ZERO to HERO. She taught us so many things that one can not count with his fingers. But among them all, I'm following one thing till day and will always follow. She gifted us a shlok in Sanskrit, "Karagre vastu lakhsmi, karmule saraswati, karmadhye tu govind, prabhate kar darshanam||". And she asked us to make this sholk, the very first thing after we wake-up. And I'm on it till date and will always follow this pure thing. This have helped me motivate my self and come out from any ugly situation. And this will be with me till the end.

And this was few things I wanted to share with you all, on this occasion of THE TEACHER'S DAY! I wish you all "HAVE A GOOD AND BE A GOOD TEACHER/GUIDE/FRIEND, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!"
Have a Happy Blogging. :)

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