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Few days back, when it was raining on a pleasant Wednesday, I was at my working location with my whole team of six members. We all were busy with our daily schedule. Suddenly, a critical issue regarding data work-flow on one cluster on MAC OS X Server, located at Europe, popped-up. And its was demanding an urgent meeting as to design a new data work-flow for the existing legacy system, considering the client - "Guardian News and Media, Ltd" (' request.

At meeting room, my manager cum track leader - one from our six-member's team, have conducted meeting. And after a huge discussion, of about more than three and a half hour, and brainstorming meeting, we all reached to a common conclusion, agreed to that new resolution and resulted new policies. And decided that, new policies needs to be implemented between 1500 hrs to that coming Friday and 1400 hrs of Saturday, as approved by the client, seating in UK, after negotiating for a long period. Considering granted time period, we all have further discussed the order of implementation(which was even a more brainstorming event, totally!!) and also prepared a document on it, for additional reference. Eventually on that Friday and Saturday, it was mine along with my other four teammates' week-off. And only one guy was supposed to attend that entire session,  referring to the full-fledged documentation prepared in-advance. So that, there could not be any scope for any kinda mistake by any one. Now the team member was just supposed to follow and progress on that issued document. But here he did a wrong move.

Like mine, it was also his first job and first project. So he was very eager to impress his higher hierarchical manager, with his work, in-fact with his "Efficient and Effective work, IN NO TIME!And this forced him to opt for a shortcut rather than the required favorable path. On that Friday, according to him, the policies would get implemented by within next six hours of time, lesser by seventeen hours - to the originally granted time period. And guess what! the desired final result was in front of him, but here he was unaware about one step, he missed to perform, completely. That step was serving as a middle-ware (layer) between recently initiated services and old legacy hardware. This step was so important that it might affect the big portion of the system from its stable state to the always hated, unstable state. And the worst case could make the problem/incident invisible from our end, but the client will continue facing it.

And this worst thing happened a few days back, after the 10th day from the day it was actually implemented.

As a result, we  received an email stating: "HCL_India - ISD, LDCS - UNIX Team - A, for MAC OS X Servers, have breached the SLA duration to resolve the incident of 3200 British Pounds (£), In addition to this, a new set of problems have found raised and occurred because of some mistakes by LDCS-UNIX Team - A, which have also affected the SLA and found breached costing additional 4,500 British Pounds (£)." So in-all, HCL had have to pay 3200+4500 British Pounds (£) = 7700 British Pounds (£) to GNM. that is roughly equal to 5,80, 000 INR, which is quite a big amount for a single mistake of skipping small step.

And the whole team got affected and caught suffered by this impatient work of one teammate, as this project is just 1 month old at HCL-India, than stayed 9 years at the HCL-Europe.

This mistake of my teammate, made me learn something, hardly and strongly. I think the above story narrated by me, might also have helped you gaining something, the result of being Impatient.

At the end I'd like to share a few lines currently running on my mind, with you: "At least, think for few more moments before making any move, giant or tiny. Because you don't have any Idea HOW ITS GOING TO AFFECT ANY OTHER PERSONS LIFE. IT MIGHT NOT BE THAT MUCH VISIBLE TO YOUR LIFESTYLE; BUT IT MAY MAKE OTHERS LIFE INVISIBLE!!"

So, "Before making any decision please think of any issues that might be depending on your decision. At least have confirmation from your partner before proceeding and pushing them inside any circles. THINK twice or thrice as your decision affects every other human being, also with yourself!!"

Thank you and Have a happy day!

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  1. its really quite important blog bro.... its true our decision affects others life ...............and i knw u and your teammates definitely solve this prob!
    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!