Friday, June 3

INDIA v/s US for my Blog

It's been now more than a month, since the creation of my Blog and the day I've started posting. But after few week I found that the visitors are not just local but are from the globe. The visitors are not just Indian only, but are from other foreign countries also, like US, Germany, Philippines, UK etc. And after reviewing the available statistics of countries' visits, one thing was very notable that there is a battle between the visitors of two countries. This battle is between INDIA and US, and today the # of participation are same. As the following image is presenting: 

I am very pleased that my efforts are being appreciated Globally as till today almost 27% of users are Returning users (users who have visited my blog once and are interested for visiting again) comparing to 73% of New Users (who are till date just tried my blog for once). Today 154 Page-views are already achieved and also 8:11 minutes is the avg. time on site with 4.12 page-visits from each viewer. According to Google's Analytic software the bounce rate is record-braking  45.95%. As the following image of Analytic is showing:

 I hope that my blog is being liked as it is currently and also help me feel proud for this thing. Any kind of suggestions are always welcome. Thank You and have a happy blogging and surfing.

NOTE: The post and its content are tested during the creation of the post and by that time it was 100% accurate. The results may very with time. The Google and all of its products are registered with their own policy. The ab.lotecha's Blog have nothing to do with the Google and its Logo or Name of it-self and its products. The post is not intense to leak privacy of copyright and trademark policy. This is just a sharing of ideas/updates.

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