Thursday, June 2

Hurray!! Google searches my blog with #1 position.

We daily use Google (page rank) and always it helps us in accomplishing our task with the minimum period of time and with efficient results. But isn't that amazing that Google itself searches you (or your work) with the #1 item in the searched result's list. Yes! Its true with my Blog. Check out the following image.

If you want to test it follow this instructions: 
    1) Open Google search by typing ''
    2) Now, type 'introduction to chromebook' in the search bar.
    3) Press Enter from your keyboard or press search button.
    4) The link will be there at the #1 position and just click on it.
    5) Now, you are ready to review the introduction to chromebook.

NOTE: The post and its content are tested during the creation of the post and by that time it was 100% accurate. The results may very with time. The Google and all of its products are registered with their own policy. The ab.lotecha's Blog have nothing to do with the Google and its Logo or Name of it-self and its products. The post is not intense to leak privacy of copyright and trademark policy. This is just a sharing of ideas/updates.

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