Saturday, June 25

Why we need 'Smartphone'!!?

The topics, currently booming around the world are having one thing common and that is the term 'Smartphone'. Everyone, starting from a 10 years old child to the old-age person, are willing to talk on this. But my point is that what's the need of this; I mean <b>is really there a need for one to even think to go for buying this kind of sophisticated devices?

Firstly there was Apple's iPhone, only then the devices by BlackBerry and HTC, which are known as the business phone. And Nokia for simple communications. But now-a-days each company, irrespective of their size are interested in making their own space in the market of Smartphones. The arrival of Android and its business strategies are the major reason of this booming trend. Considering only Indian mobile phone manufactures like Micromax and Spice have made this Android based smartphone as cheaper as the Nokia's dominating mobile phones having simple mobile functionality with camera and music player features. Thus there is a huge rush after this(smartphone).
But my question is also laying here as, "WHY SMARTPHONE? WHAT'S THE NEED OF IT?". Before buying a smartphone, bought just a week ago, I had this query and its still running on my mind. But I found some reason from my own experience on using my Android based phone. So, with this post I'll try to present some of the thoughts running on my mind.

As we all make use of internet for carrying out any work and Google's contribution in making that happen. Now-A-days each of us can't think of a moment without accessing any of the Google's service or product. We are engaged with either Google's search, gmail, docs, blogspot, dictionary or with any other service; but the point is it have attached to our daily life and accepted as an important part of our lifestyle. All products and its features have so much for an individual to deal with; irrespective of their age group. But one thing is raising a point here is that all this services are internet based, and we need a computer device(mostly, Windows based) for getting connected with internet. And we all know the price range of this beautiful devices; I mean those are quite costly. Here I think Google are on a way to prove theirself as a powerful organization, again. And have joined the race to become a technology major in web as well as in advance devices and want to fight with existing majors like Apple, Nokia and Microsoft. But the point is, up to what extent we need this kind of devices for regular, day-to-day activities?

My answer would be more on a positive side but I'm also against it with some underlying reasons. As we all know this 21st century is era known of powerful information technology and its affection to every life. And to make survival easier: we all can experience it everywhere. And according to me this smartphone can act as an easiest gateway for becoming more powerful in this new world. We can have an instance of all services provided by Google or any other provider. At a touch of our finger we can access all of them, even in a smartest way. The communication, for the business purpose or personal, have become greatest. We can use our smartphone at shop for getting others review on it and understanding the pros-cons of that thing, before buying it. Prior to  shopping we can arrange list of items or add an alarm for future buys. Although of this much of tasks with the help of powerful processor we can listen to music/fm and even can stay connected with friends in the social medium. Or like me, create posts for your blog and later on can add it to your Wordpress or blogspot or even to your tumblr. We can also stay updated to the news without a need to subscribe to it. Use email or create/delete important business documents or you can write your book or read any soft books/ebooks. In all this smartphone concept acts as a micro laptop. And provides same functionality, reliability and mobility comparing to any latest personal computer devices available in the market. And all this available cheaper than a regular Windows based laptop. I'd like to make a point that as Google's Android or Apple's MAC, both are based on Unix/Linux and this makes them most secure than any Microsoft's windows OS based devices. That's all, I think all you expect from an device can be fulfilled by this extraordinary mobile devices.

As two sides of any coin the above mentioned features have something that makes against it. We must provide an internet connection to use this smart devices up to its potential. But an internet service is a very gaunt service in its nature that it comprises all that stuff which are inappropriate for the child. Also the loss of privacy is the major concern with this kind of active devices. However the chances of violation of copyright or patent is much higher as everyone does share their status as a update. However the above mentioned cons can be avoided but one can't be which is the major concern. This is the higher level of 'RADIOACTIVITY', as most of the times we stay connected with the internet.

However I've not designed this post to restrict you from buying the devices you like. But this post focuses more on facts, what I've analyzed and experienced. I also have a smartphone which have all those parameters I've discussed. Many of the mobile device manufacture have focused on this disadvantages and eventually have designed their devices free from many cons and some are on their way. I insist you to buy the devices as per your linking and access it and feel powered with this devices but before buying please have an opinion or read review on this parameters and then go for biting. Yes, smartphone are the smartest than our traditional high-end computer devices and are very mobile even. Go ahead and have a fun.


  1. u belong to my class....a gadget freak??is it?

  2. I'm sorry but I'm not able to recognize you... And you are talking about which class? I mean a college mate or music class mate or the HCL mate...

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  4. thnk you roopa for your such an inspiring and supportive feedback...:)