Hi there, you just found Abhishek S. Kotecha’s blog. Let me welcome you first before going in to more of describing the blog and me.

1) A warm Welcome to you!

2) This blog will help me share my thoughts, views, some interesting and discussing topics and so on… The blog will be written corresponding with my Tumblr blog, ‘abkotecha [dot] tumblr [dot] com’ and WordPress blog, ‘abkotecha [dot] wordpress [dot] com’. This and all my blogs are for my personal use based on my thinking and any content of this blog does not resemble to any human being and if any then its purely coincidental. This blog does not point to any one’s life-style and thoughts, but this are only my views. So, I’ll not be responsible if the content is touching any-one’s life-style. But if any one is having any kind of objection against content of this blog then kindly mail me at: ab [dot] kotecha [at the rate] ymail [dot] com. I’ll take care of your privacy for sure but after you mail me properly.

3) I’m currently pursuing my B.Tech. engineering in Information Technology from Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering [MPSTME]- Shirpur, NMIMS University - Mumbai. And I’m glued to this computer making friends, thoughts sharing mechanisms, open-source community, running over clouds, thinking about the design. I’m a fun loving, creative boy who always go by my own way and figure out new ways to fill-up bright colors to the everyone’s lifestyle and have innovative dreams at each moment and implement it neatly:)