Monday, August 15

65 years of Freedom - Happy Indian Independence Day.

Here's Wishing everyone a very Happy Indian Independence Day. 15th August, 1947 was the day India got her Independence from the British. And here we are 65 years hence, making good progress on the long winding road to success.

Well success has different interpretations. For me India breaking out of the shackles and becoming a free economy is success, that we are the fastest growing economies in the World is success, that we have become an important factor in the IT revolution is success, that some of the richest people are Indians is success, that we have had the most beautiful women in the Miss World and Universe competitions is success, that we are moving towards an unmanned mission to the moon is success. We all support ANNA HAZARE to support our-self is also a great work towards the next big achievement. I could keep going on and on and yet there would still be many more things we need to do.
For instance the economic success of a few has created a wide disparity between the middle class and lower class. There is a growing need for clean water, afforestation, newer medicines and vaccines, breakthroughs in Science, good education, upliftment of the poor, and cutting the red tape and bureaucracy which is still prevalent in India. I think these issues almost always take a back seat and we need to keep them in mind.
But for today let us first bask in the glory of the nation that we love dearly-India. India, the cradle of civilization and culture.
The sounds of Vande Mataram are the sounds we want to listen to today. Look at the following article where both the Bengali and Hindi(Devnagari) versions are given:
1. Wikipedia

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