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Let's join our arms with Green and Fight against Global warming and High Energy Consumption facing India!

We are not starting with a small history of this world, we are currently in. I'm not here to have a talk on Dinosaurs and the culture of our higher hierarchy, but rather have a point on ENERGY, its CONSUMPTION and its AFFECTION. And this post will help me targeting the massive issue of Global Warming and we'll discuss some points that can help us in fighting against it, effectively.

I'm currently living at Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Area), U.P., India, an area which is famous for its development and some of the branded Industries' workstations/factory. And also the two terms - 'development' and 'India' are, now-a-days, quite combined and tied well by Indians. All of the existing vehicle brands and production brands of world have a neat eye on India and for them India is the issue of Increasing their Revenues and best territory to plant their company's future. And we also aware of the reason; cheaper but hardworking workforce, easy access to land, below average paperwork and yes, off-course the highly corrupted Indian Ministry and Government, and so much that attracts the CEO or the Chairman to lookout for India and Invest in this land of the Lord and God-Goddesses.

Now, lets take a look on how one organizations' establishment affects the country, time being lets consider the case of India.

Lets take the scenario, Any XYZ organization is interested in investing money in India and looking forward to setup a factory of Vehicle production. Now, lets discuss how this might affect the lifestyle of Indians in terms of pros and cons. First we'll go with pros:

  1. India might receive good amount in return; that's also in US dollars. This might support Indian economy, gradually a-bit;
  2. Better Job opportunities to all class of Indian citizen;
  3. The cost of vehicles may reduce as production will be in India, compared to being imported ones; and few more...
And now lets consider the dark side of this pros :
  1. The Land value will definitely decrease, as it is ignoring the value of valuable Land;
  2. The Natural resources will get infected, and here the rivers will be harmed, the most;
  3. The factory will also produce pollution; And fact is also here, 'more car - more pollution';
  4. The Farmers' land will be utilized here, means slight shortage of food; And the same land can't utilized for any other purpose in future;
  5. More fuel/electricity will be consumed and eventually it will reflect in the increasing cost of fuel/electricity;
  6. Its the investment of a foreigner, so definitely he will become more wealthier than to our country; And his plantation will affect the businessman of India;
  7. The ministry will be awarded officially and unofficially; And many more...

This is the point.

Here, if we try ignore all of the issues, than also, personally, we all do not like to ignore the issue of 'Natural Resources getting Harmed!'. Not against the development, but this issue is the major cause of all coming future major issues.

This issue can't be resolved individually and only a huge team - group - community can mark it. Rather depending on each other, individual initiative will work, efficiently. I am not saying that regardless of your work, you should focus as an Environmental Initiator - But whenever you feel something is against the Nature, and can harm you, your country and your world, you just try to accomplish the portion of your contribution. This will motivate the other person and eventually the huge community/group will rise up, just by accomplishing your task faithfully!

I would not like to discuss all the areas where we should fight against Green House Effect. I'm trying to show you the area-of-improvement, you can also consider it from your day-to-day experiences. But argues you to mark your contribution at your own ease - at your own will. And at last - at least you should take care of one thing - 'your work should not increase the infection to the Globe!'

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