Tuesday, August 16

Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction!

We live in a world where we meet many kind of personal characteristics, or rather say personalities. This statement and the title are very attached to some of my personal experience(s). I am not trying to touch any one's personal life but like to discuss few of this points, with you and eventually with this whole world.

Stated title, "Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction!", is conveying the message on its own. Which we all experience in our daily life but most of the times we simply ignore it or rather say discard it, completely. But we don't know exactly what pushes us towards this kind of misleading steps, and that is also against our own's benefits? Have you ever thought of it. Well I did it once!

Considering my case, I belong to a remote place which can be considered as outskirt area of the nation and 'current' Indian culture is not being followed here, and people will be needing a great amount of time for adopting the current model of Indian culture. At here, they are very much bounded to their traditional life-style and are very used to of it. This kind of behavior encourages them to oppose the adoption of new things/ideas and great way of living and actually enjoying the benefits of new life-style. But rather we focus on not crossing the boundaries, defined by our own thinking, which is quite a few times very harmful. In our entire life, MANY PEOPLE HAVE AND WILL JOIN YOU TO GUIDE FOR YOUR BETTER LIFE, BUT ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING TO THEM!! This is the only problem I've seen inside me and have experienced it from within the society.

We all want change in the system, change in your life-style, change in everything, and many of us were actually impressed with this quote, "Change is everything!". But never tried and thought to implement it or at-least to give it a try. But we all love blaming the System, God, Parents, Children etc... And we have always hated the person who puts a statement of necessary changes, in our self. Than whats the point in Leaving LIFE? 

[We should think on above mentioned tags and should hit them seriously and instantly should be resolved, in order to improve the life a-bit!]

The world is not designed to meet only ours' aspects and liking. But it was designed for the whole mankind. Some thing for you, and something for others', and many thing for all of us, as well. And we all are supposed to share these resources available to us of/in any kind. It might be possible that we might be needing the access to something and at the same time some one else needs, too. So here we follow our common habit to deny that other living kind or grant full access to it/them and restrict our self. WHAT'S THIS?? NOTHING BUT A FOOLISH MOVE!! You are knowing that its urgent and important for both of you, than why? I mean what's the necessity of taking kind of decisions. Here, Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction! for you and for others, as well.

Now, on other hand if some one offers you something but there is something else is running on your mind and that contradicts with the offer. Than in this case we also follow our same ethics in fact myths. Here I suggest for same thing,  Negotiation is more beautiful word than Restriction!

So, with this few examples I've tried to show some mistakes we were following, unknowingly. But rather than just interface it, we must try to overcome our self from it for a better life. It's for our benefits, only!!

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